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Who we are?

MedConnect Plus is Medical & Wellness Concierge in Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand and India.

We aim to be your preferred partner when you decide to travel overseas for medical treatment or retreat and have smooth, comfortable and hassle-free medical or wellness experience which covers all aspects of your medical or wellness travel needs-before, during and after the trip.

MedConnect Plus provides one-stop solution for you and your family to make informed decisions about health, wellness and insurance.


Our main priority to give patients the freedom of choice of healthcare providers (government or private) that are known for clinical expertise, latest medical equipment and operational excellence and doctors that uphold the highest level of care and treat patients with respect and integrity.

Our office is located in Singapore and our translators and medical concierge staff with the advantage of having more than 5 years of experience in the healthcare and tourism sector, will be happy to give valuable advice of surgeons, hospitals, medical centres, GPs and other related information as understand that information from different sources can be opaque or disorganised, which can confuse you more.

Our main services for international patients includes:

  • Arrangements of medical appointment(s) with the most suitable doctor(s) for your condition.

  • Financial counselling (the estimated cost for the procedure/surgery/health-screening).

  • Health screening arrangements

  • Medical information and general enquiries

  • Flight /Hotel/Airport pick-up and transfers/Limo arrangements

  • Visa and travel-related assistance

  • Translation of medical reports

  • Interpreter service

  • Hospitalization (pre admission, discharge from the hospital, direct admission, evacuation)

  • Assistance with emergency situations (A&E department, last minute appointments, house call GP, accident cases, evacuation).

  • Patient support after treatment

  • Special assistance (wheelchair)

Our patients

We enjoy seeing patients of all ages and of all nationalities-Russians, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Cambodian, Australians, French, Indians, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Singaporean and Malaysian.

How can we help

  • Health Screening in Singapore

  • Facilitate your Medical & Wellness journey to Singapore and abroad

  • Help to find the most suitable doctor/specialist for your condition

  • Find a best solution for family insurance

  • Help your family in the event of emergency

  • Appointment with TCM, Chiropractor and Physiotherapist

  • Chaperone services to the hospitals/medical centres

  • Health retreats, Medi-Spa and Ayurvedic Treatment

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Our services

singapore doctor appoitment

Translation services

We provide translation and interpretation services for international and expatriate patients in Singapore.


We have a network of independent insurance consultants who can help you to stay protected from various unforeseen situations during your stay in Singapore.


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Medical Travel

Medical & Wellness Concierge for treatment, diagnosis, surgery, health retreat or health screening in Singapore or abroad

Ayurveda treatment in India

Wellness & Beauty

We provide the information on affordable and comprehensive medical health screening packages, aesthetic services, health retreat for you and your family through various service providers.

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Visa & Travel services

Assistance with visa and other travel-related services such as hotel, service apartments, transportation, airport meeting, transfer services, sightseeing and leisure activities.

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Patient Assistance Centre (Singapore)

Our Patient Helpline includes referrals to specialists/hospitals/clinics, medical and general information, estimated cost for treatment for local or international patients.

Health & Wellness Destinations

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