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Taiwan, with one of the best healthcare systems in the world, is quickly becoming a top medical tourism destination for medical travellers.

English is widely spoken and the environments are welcoming. Cosmetic surgery, medical check-ups and anti-ageing treatment are very popular for tourists. Friendly, comprehensive service is a cornerstone of Taiwanese healthcare.

Why Taiwan

The hospitals and medical centers employ high-qualified doctors, most of them receive their training from foreign universities like US.

ACME Clinic has excellent experienced plastic surgeons and nursing team. They only use FDA,CE,TFDA approved materials,implants and machines for surgeries or procedures. The clinic has 3 operating theaters and also recovery rooms. After the surgery,  patients can rest well until able to go back to the hotel.

Taiwan offers excellent medical facilities at extremely low costs.

The hospitals in Taiwan are equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies that help in providing quality medical care. A national health insurance program initiated by the government cuts down the cost of medical care services offered across the country. This has helped global medical tourists visiting the country to obtain excellent medical care at affordable rates.

The country has a pleasant climate throughout the year, and this adds to the comfort of the foreign travelers.

Taiwan is also free from political instability and poverty, which gives a boost to the medical tourism industry.

The excellent standards of hygiene maintained in the hospitals and surroundings also attract a lot of patients to the country.

One of the real competitive advantages of Taiwan is the efficiency of its people and processes. Taiwanese take efficiency to a whole new level, and this translates very well into medical care.

Taiwan has a culture of caring and compassion and its healthcare professionals take great pride in the patient experience.

All members of the medical community strongly believe that rapport and understanding with patients is the foundation of good medical care.

Taiwan is the only Asian country to receive recognition for Plastic Surgery Innovation from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the equivalent of the Nobel Prize among plastic surgeons, which denotes the high standards and quality of plastic surgery by Taiwanese practitioners.

Among all Asian countries, Taiwan’s plastic surgery has the best reputation because most of its plastic surgeons have overseas training. The facilities in the country are also comparable to developed countries.

Popular Cosmetic Procedures

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Main advantages of Plastic Surgery in Taiwan:

  • Well trained Plastic surgeons in cosmetic surgeries and non-invasive treatments.

  • Doctors have excellent aesthetic perception which will not make person like a clone.

  • Doctors use only FDA,CE and TFDA approved materials.

  • The environment and equipments are all qualified by TFDA.

  • Located in downtown of Taipei.

  • Detailed procedures before and after surgery or treatment.

  • Personalised patient care