Life Insurance and Health Insurance in Singapore

What we do

Our highly trained and knowledgeable patient support team provides smooth, comfortable and hassle free experience which covers all aspects of your medical travel needs-planning trip to Singapore, throughout the stay and post treatment.

Our main priority to give patients the freedom of choice of healthcare providers (government or private) that are known for clinical expertise, latest medical equipment and operational excellence and doctors that uphold the highest level of care and treat patients with respect and integrity.

As a result, you will receive the high quality health care, ensure appropriate balance between quality and cost, peace of mind, greater privacy, smooth and comfortable overall medical experience.

Our Approach

Our approach combines an in-depth understanding of your situation and opportunities within the healthcare sector, helping you to find the absolute best medical care.

We offer our patients reliable and quality experience of everything: hospital or specialist recommendations, estimated medical bills, travel arrangements, visa support, accommodation arrangements, interpretation and other related medical or travel services.

Rest assured, we will take care of all your needs while you can concentrate on the most important thing- focus on getting well!

Our services

singapore medical concierge
  • Arrangements of medical appointment with the most suitable doctor for your condition.

  • Initial discussion with the doctor prior to departure (via email).

  • Financial counseling (the estimated cost for the procedure/surgery).

  • Health screening arrangements

  • Medical information and general inquiries

  • Flight /Hotel/Airport pick-up and transfers/Limo arrangements

  • Visa and travel-related assistance

  • Translation of medical reports & Interpreter service

  • Hospital Admission/Discharge Hospitalization

  • Assistance with emergency situations (A&E department, last minute appointments, house call GP, accident cases, evacuation).

  • Patient support after the treatment

How we do it

visa to Singapore

Planning trip to your destination

Initial Assessment & Medical Inquiry

Appointments & Second opinion

Emergency situations

Travel arrangements & Visa

specialist care singapore

During your stay

Consultation & Treatment

Airport transfer (upon request)

Sightseeing tours (upon request)

medical travel singapore

Post treatment

Follow-up care

-medical reports, outstanding questions, etc

Travel arrangements (upon request)

Other services

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