Breast Cancer and Lymphedema: Post operation care

People with a history of cancer (Breast, Testicular, Cervical, Pancreatic, Colorectal, Liver, Prostrate, or Uterine), chemotherapy treatments, surgery, and are overweight are likely to develop Lymphedema. It is associated with peripheral swelling of arms and legs due to lymphatic blockage. This is caused due to damage, removal or blockage of lymph nodes during surgery incision or while giving chemotherapy treatment.

The blockage restricts lymph fluid from circulating through that area […]

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Accommodation Options for Medical Travellers in Singapore

It’s estimated that thousands of people travel abroad for medical care each year to Singapore.

Singapore is Asia’s leading medical hub, offering a complete, world-class and internationally accredited healthcare ecosystem. The patient can choose any restructured or private healthcare provider, such as a hospital, clinic or other medical establishment.

Accommodation plays a crucial role in the travel decision-making process as some treatment option is a long term or the patient needs to […]

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How to choose Health Screening Package

In this contemporary society when more people are concerned about own and their family health, many hospitals and health screening centres offer various health screening packages based on lifestyle, age, gender. Therefore, it can be hard to compare the packages, especially if you are not familiar with medical terminologies for imaging investigations  and blood tests.

The following is a proposed guide to aid in your […]

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Discover how you can protect yourself against DENGUE

Dengue is the world’s fastest-growing disease carried by Aedes mosquitos, and has increased 30 times over a decade. The disease affects millions around the world.

Infected mosquitos can be found in urban areas, both indoors and outdoors. They tend to breed anywhere water collects (e.g. storage containers, old tyres, open food containers, pet bowls, flowerpots, etc)

Do you know?

  • In 2017, Dengue has infected nearly 12,000 people in Singapore.
  • As […]
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How to choose health insurance plan

Unforeseen situation and rising from it unexpected medical expenses could represent a significant threat to your finances. Protect your family and yourself against it with a medical protection plan, providing you the peace of mind.

Whether you are buying an insurance plan on your own or through an employer, here are a few things to think about before you look at health insurance plans.

Local vs […]

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